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About Us

Managed Security Solutions Ltd. (MSS) was established in 1999 and is a leading IT organisation specialising in Cyber Security and related technology and services. We have been providing customer centric solutions to all industry sectors for nearly 20 years.

MSS always adopts a pragmatic and agnostic approach when assisting organisations. Whether we’re required to design and implement a secure infrastructure from the ground up, or to work alongside an incumbent supplier to provide specialist expertise, or simply needed to parachute in to save the day because of a breach, our interactive approach ensures that our customers have confidence in our capabilities and solutions and understand we have their very best interests at the centre of everything we do. This ethos is what has lead us to an extremely high customer retention rate of 96%.

In addition to designing and implementing solutions we also advise on appropriate policies to ensure correct working practices and compliance with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. Our services include testing of installed systems, security audits, monitoring systems and full management and support of these.

One of our key focus areas has always been around innovation. To ensure we have full capability for our customers, we have always maintained our agility when looking for companies that are pushing the boundaries in our industry, whether they are Tier 1 vendors, or a budding start-up we are always cognisant of what might be required to tackle tomorrow’s issues as well as today’s.

We hold many accreditations with leading Security Vendors and manage a diverse portfolio of customers in the private and public sectors both in the UK and abroad.

Hamid Masud, Founder & Managing Director

I founded MSS 2 decades ago and throughout my work career I have many proud achievements. I recall the first big deal MSS achieved was also one that made us one of the first security companies to install the cisco ASA’s/checkpoint firewalls for the N3 connection in the NHS. We were a brand-new company on the cusp of delivering brand-new technology to one of the largest foundation trusts in the UK. ASA’s were so new, they hadn’t even been shipped to the UK at that stage, they were built to order. We had no experience in Checkpoint or Cisco at this stage, and frankly we were flying by the seat of the pants! That deal taught me that whilst I certainly didn’t want to operate in that manner every day, a drive and willingness to succeed coupled with a passion to deliver innovation to my customers can take you a long way. That same drive and determination to deliver innovation remains to this day.

This means, of course, that we have always been early adopters of new technology. We have been on the front end of many companies introducing their products to the UK&I market. Sygate before Symantec acquired them, Safeboot before McAfee acquired them, Utimaco before Sophos acquired them, and Pointsec before Checkpoint acquired them. We have won awards with service providers like iPass, and landed the first big reference sites for vendors like Safend, Heimdal and Galaxkey.

Throughout my journey, I have always adhered to a very simple approach. Find the business, close the business and then ensure you support the customer. Always be honest and customers will reciprocate.

Knowing you have made a difference to vendors looking to make a mark in the UK, and more importantly knowing that you’ve been able to use that vision to provide the very best advice and technology to our customer base leaves me extremely satisfied.

Of course, after 19 years it’s not always been a bed of roses, and not everything has worked. I tried and failed in Tanzania, where we set up offices. After 3 years of painful, heavy cash burn and many promises I had to cut my losses, learning some very valuable lessons along the way! The only time I’m going back there is to climb Kilimanjaro or go on safari!

From a personal perspective, knowing you have made a difference, kept ongoing relationships with peers and vendors over 20 years gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Husband for 22 years and proud father of three. I say proud based on nothing more than the feedback I hear from other people, from their schools, to their friend’ parents and employers. Raising a business from the ground up is a fantastic achievement, but nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of raising three children who people recognise as being polite, kind and charitable!

Corporate & Social Responsibility

At MSS we believe in giving back to those in need and we try to make a difference to the world we live in. As such we have been, and indeed still are involved in numerous charitable and socially supportive initiatives.

8 years ago we formed a Community based charity, Ribat Institute. With the inception of this charity we had two main areas of focus; education and community, both locally and globally. Today we teach over 130 children from the age of 5 to 13.

Ribat has been involved in a number of fund raising projects both locally and internationally. We raised over £20,000 for Haiti disaster, and over £30,000 for the Indian Ocean Tsunami appeal. Through Ribat we sponsor over 100 orphans in Sierra Leone where we have a links with one their largest charities. The children of Ribat are very much part of the efforts in raising money as well, organising many sponsored events to raise money for charitable causes, most notably, raising £10,000 for a bus for the Sierra Leone charity, which was to be used by the local school children.

Local community is equally important to us, whether its providing help with fund raising for the local hospice, tree planting days organised by the council or providing food parcels for the elderly and under privileged children at Christmas, these causes are never far from our thoughts and actions.

Another aspect of Ribat’ work is about community interaction with people getting together to organise things like cake baking and ‘Knit and Natter’ afternoons, providing knitted baby clothes for the neo natal ward at the local hospital.

Our involvement across these causes and local community provides us with a huge amount of pride and satisfaction.